Fire Within

Fire Within


“We are learning finally that the forests and mountains and desert canyons are holier than our churches. Let us behave accordingly” - Edward Abbey


SIZE :: 8

STONE :: Mexican Fire Opal

PRECIOUS METALS :: 925 Sterling Silver and Fine Silver

Fire Opals are here to remind you just how strong you really are. They are all about personal power and manifesting mojo. The particular Mexican Fire Opals I worked with in The Desert Zen Collection remind us just how much creation and life is often teeming just below the surface. Always trust your process, wild one.

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Patient. Still.

An awe-inspiring display of space and time.

The desert is not for the faint of heart. She will test your limits. She will demand courage and wisdom beyond your linear years. She will also teach you how to come home to yourself.

The Desert Zen Collection honors the stillness our modern society fears.

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