Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch


“If Delicate Arch has any significance it lies in the power of the odd and unexpected to startle the senses and surprise the mind out of their ruts of habit, to compel us into a reawakened awareness of the wonderful-that which is full of wonder” - Edward Abbey.


SIZE :: 9

STONE :: Wonderstone

PRECIOUS METALS :: 925 Sterling Silver and Fine Silver

Wonderstone is native to Utah and immediately invokes red rock canyons that stretch for hundreds and hundreds of miles on end. This chill stone is all about tranquility. The desert is in no rush. She'll outlast all of us. Let this be a reminder to you to expand your understanding of time itself.

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Patient. Still.

An awe-inspiring display of space and time.

The desert is not for the faint of heart. She will test your limits. She will demand courage and wisdom beyond your linear years. She will also teach you how to come home to yourself.

The Desert Zen Collection honors the stillness our modern society fears.

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