After two years traveling solo around the world, I'm converting an old school bus into a tiny house + mobile studio. 

My life wasn't always this wild, but everything changed on 25 August 2014. That's the moment my doctor turned her chair to face me.

She had lab reports in one hand, the other hand placed on the thyroid in her throat. "Your body is attacking itself. You have Hashimoto's autoimmunity." I'd never heard of the disease. What I knew instantly, at a cellular level, was that my body shut down to get my attention.

My body shut down because I wasn't speaking my truth. I was so misaligned from my soul that it made me physically ill. My diagnosis was the watershed. From that moment forward I unapologetically called my power back to me.


"You were wild once.
Don't let them
tame you."

- Isadora Duncan, dancer


In August 2015, I sold everything I owned, from my car to my condo to my clothing. I left my 15-year career in higher education, launched an online coaching business, booked a one-way ticket to Bali, and began my spiritual walkabout. 

And I bet you can guess what happened...

By August 2016, my autoimmunity was in full remission. Not a single trace of a single antibody. 

Following my soul's voice healed me more deeply than anything else ever could. Because my wild self knows how to heal.

I continued traveling solo around the world for just over two years. I reinvented myself a thousand times over until I felt like home. I booked plane tickets based on Instagram pictures or recommendations from a friend of a friend. I followed the tradewinds. I had conversations with the moon. I slept when I was tired and swam when I needed to cleanse it all.

I also came to deeply understand my life's work:


I help busy modern women have their own wild remembering. 


As a compliment to my coaching and e-course business, I design and forge handcrafted, one-of-a-kind talismans to help you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

Stay wild, 
Gail Jessen
Creatrix + Metalsmith