A Love Note About Talismans


tal·is·man / noun

An object, typically a ring, pendant, or stone, that is
thought to have magical powers and bring good luck.


When you casually meet me at a cocktail party, I'll tell you I'm a jewelry designer and a coach. Maybe I'll get more specific and say I'm a metalsmith, working primarily with silver. Chances are I'm wearing pieces I've made and I'll talk about them with you if you ask. 

What I'm not saying at the casual cocktail party is that I'm actually an alchemist, a magician, a witch, a stone whisperer.

I craft talismans that just happen to be in the form of rings, pendants, earrings, and other shiny baubles. But "I'm an alchemist who crafts talismans..." gets awkward in mixed company, ya know?

But since you're here, in my small corner of the world wide web, I know I can get into the real heart of it all with you. The real heart is that everything has an energetic fingerprint (for lack of a better word). Your dog, the crap you stuff in your downstairs linen closet, that yummy letter from an old lover, the ingredients of the moisturizer you use on your face at night. Everything. Everything carries an energy. 

The word talisman comes from a Late Greek verb meaning, "I complete and perform a rite." Don't get hung up on the religious undertones of the word. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, "You look great today. I love you..." is a rite. Wearing sassy red lipstick when you're tired and not otherwise feeling your workday is a rite. Luxurious bubble baths and rich body butter that tunes you into your emotions is a rite. 

Rituals. Reminders.

Activations. Alchemy.


This is what I create.

Wearing a piece of jewelry that reminds you of something sacred, special, important to you, is a rite. Sliding a ring onto your finger that feels like magic and opens your heart chakra is a rite. You're exchanging energy. Your thoughts and feelings and actions are influenced by the talisman you're wearing. 

Now you're the magician, wild one.

Next time we casually meet at a cocktail party, let's get right down to the juicy conversations, shall we?

Stay wild,