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Handcrafted jewelry designed to inspire your unique magic™


I am a maker.

I didn't always know this, at least not in the literal way I know it now.

I always made things with my mind. I designed, planned, and executed esoteric, academic, heady things. If I made things with my hands it was, say, a website to hold my heady creations or an e-course that shares them with others. 

But for years now I've been craving a more well-rounded approach to my work with busy, modern women. I love my coaching practice...I also really love getting dirty. 

I needed to take all my knowledge, my lived experiences, my extensive travel, my passion for design, the magic of private coaching sessions, the power of group programs....all of that...and I needed to somehow make it tangible. Touch it. Hold it.

Then I took an all-day silversmithing class. I got dirty. I made things. Magical things.

I felt like an alchemist.

I was home.

The fire. The carving. The polishing and shaping. The manifesting of a design from my head into the world in front of me, all with my bare hands.

I'm thrilled to add handcrafted jewelry to the coaching work I do at The Wild Women Collective. The work to me is not only complimentary, it overlaps. We're visual people. We need to see reminders of our growth, our lessons, our dreams.

Every one-of-a-kind jewelry piece I create is designed to inspire your unique magic. 

And to help you remember how wild you truly are.