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Handcrafted jewelry designed to inspire your unique magic™

Wearable altars
of metal and stone.


GJD jewelry is a vessel for energy, for intentions, for transformation. To the uninitiated, it appears that I simply make rings. But the wild ones know.

I forge magic into wearable altars of metal and stone.

GJD handcrafted talismans are designed to inspire your unique magic. Every bold piece is made entirely by hand and every organic design is truly one-of-a-kind.

So welcome home, wild one. I sincerely hope you find your special piece. I know it will remind you every day of who you were before the world told you who you should be.   

Stay wild,
Gail Jessen
Metalsmith + Creatrix


My ring is less like jewelry and more like an extension of my body, my self. Gail is a gifted craftsperson and a magic maker.
— Deb in Brooklyn, NY

I love my ring so much, it literally vibrated when I put it on! Gail has the power to hold and shape energy, while leaving room for the new owner to make their magic.
— Brandi in Redlands, CA

I collect jewelry from all over the world and Gail makes exquisite pieces. It’s not just my personal taste, but the pure quality of her work. She’s simply gifted!
— Marilyn in Narok, Kenya