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Handcrafted jewelry designed to inspire your unique magic™

tal·is·man / noun

An object, typically a ring, pendant, or stone, that is
thought to have magical powers and bring good luck.


Handcrafted jewelry designed to inspire your unique magic.

The experiences of your life have forged you into something truly unique.

I see you, and I see the magic only you can bring into this world.

I forge handcrafted talismans to help you manifest that magic.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed and crafted to remind you who you were before the world told you who you should be.   

Stay wild,
Gail Jessen
Creatrix + Metalsmith at Gail Jessen Designs

The Wintertide Collection.

“Dark are the days of wintertide...”
— William Morris, poet.

These are days of deep stillness and inner wisdom. Nature is resetting herself as we reset our own energies and intentions.

Stark. Bare. Wild. Wise.

The wild woman does not fear death, does not mourn bare trees, does not doubt the light will return again. For now, she is present in the darkness.


The Forest Magic Collection.

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour”
— Victoria Erickson

The days grow shorter. The light turns golden. The air thins as cool, crisp breezes rustle colorful leaves. As the leaves fall from the trees, we are supported in our own releases.

Autumn is our time to reset and review the year to this point. It’s time to wind down, wild one. It’s time to let go of everything holding you back. It’s time to clarify and purge. Listen to the leaves. They will teach you how.


The Misfits.
Going their own way.

What I affectionately call an anti-collection.

These mismatched beauties cannot be categorized or contained. Every piece holds the power of unbridled creativity. Any idea that strikes my fancy while I'm otherwise working on a defined collection...becomes a misfit. 

My shop is updated at random, as misfit pieces are created. Make sure you receive my newsletter to snag the misfits as soon as they're released into the world.

PRO TIP:  Many misfits sell before they're even finished, let alone have a chance to make it to my shop. I suggest following me on Instagram.